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  track length
1 cairo 6:40
2 brushyman 7:38
3 bouncin 4:59
4 fingi fangi 6:30
5 riot 4:51
6 lonely city 3:20
7 stalker 4:38
8 fairykiss 4:09
9 sapphire 7:18
10 travel 8:03
11 alcove 5:12
12 arrival 6:47
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back cover (.pdf)  
Without further hesitation, my name is Brushy. From this page you can download my debuting album, totally free and legal. It's worth to grab the MEGAPACK right on, which contains the tracks in better quality than the other ordinary mp3s listed. If you want to print the covers right now, then they are also included in it, without further charges. I don't want to take much of your time explaining the album, it is a high variety of breakbeat and drum and bass spiced with ambient, ska, funk. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, I hope you can truly dig into the tracks; at least you can find something you like. Any kind of feedback is welcome, till then I wish you quality time tuning in! Brushy